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Bespoke webforms

with e-signing flows

Webforms Module (LPE)

Webform lets you build online forms and send for formal signing, using pre-set processes in the LPE. Users can connect every webform to a pre-defined process and customise by setting up more policies, with additional features such as allowing external recipients or public access to sign and validate. 

Easily create forms and send for signing

Drag and drop, compose customised forms and push them for formal e-signing using pre-set LPE processes.

Reduce time and costs 

Be it time-reporting or contract signing, webform cuts time and costs related to paper administration, postage and archive.


Verified IDs and 
legal e-signatures

Senders and receivers can sign forms with verified roles and advanced e-signatures (compliant with eIDAS and GDPR requirements).

Monitor your process and 
prove compliance

Monitor who signed or opened a specific form, and hold non-refutable proof that can be used for compliance audit.


Compose tailor-made
webforms in minutes

• Quickly compose digital forms
• Connect a signing process or set a new one in Lequinox process engine (LPE) 
• Allow public access to the form by entering sender's email only – still fully auditable according to process
Publish your form, send for e-signing and monitor throughout
Update form layout, process and policies in real time

Empower your webform e-signing

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Connected Lequinox process engine (LPE)


Lequinox Process engine
Document signing with complete process compliance

Set up bespoke e-signing processes and send digital files and documents of any type for formal signing, using advanced, qualified e-signature and verified roles. LPE modules are available to integrate the signing processes in webforms, MS Word and more.

Lequinox powered products

Role-based ID 

and legal e-Signatures 

Corporate ID and 

policy-led interactions 

Archiving and 

end-to-end encryption
Full mobility and legal 



Safter, more secure email communications

Mailplus enables email clients to securely exchange confidential information and maintain transparency and traceability in all electronic communication, while creating proof of who did what, in what role and when.


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