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Sign, encrypt and send
secure email consignments

Mailplus for secure email communication

Mailplus securely exchanges confidential information and maintains transparency and traceability in all electronic communications. This means users can prove who did what, in what role and when. 

Compose, sign and send to verified role IDs

Senders and receivers sign messages and documents privately or in a delegated role, with advanced e-signatures compliant with eIDAS and GDPR requirements.

Customise signing policy and revoke access

All messages are electronically signed, time-stamped, encrypted and notarised. Easily customise email options, such as revoke access after sending the email.


MS Outlook integration and local encryption

Full integration with Microsoft Outlook and Office 365 lets you share data easily and securely. Compose, encrypt locally, sign and send email consignments - all from your Outlook client.

Hold traceability and 
prove compliance

Create non-refutable proof of
who created, signed or opened an e-mail message and its attachments, and when this action took place.


Secure e-mail... 
just like a registered letter.

Encrypt locally, sign and send secure emails
• Only verified users are granted access
• Send messages with any file type for e-signing
• Hold proof of who did what and when 
• Add properties like revocation and time-locking
Freely invite external users to sign documents

Empower your e-mail communication

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Lequinox powered products

Role-based ID 

and legal e-Signatures 

Corporate ID and 

policy-led interactions 

Archiving and 

end-to-end encryption
Full mobility and legal 


Lequinox Process Engine

Lequinox Applications

Lequinox Process Engine lets you set up tailored e-signing processes for eletronic documents, files and forms of any type.


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