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Cast iron protection for 
data and digital communication 

Digital services with secure role-based communication, advanced e-signatures,
automated compliance and end-to-end traceability.

Your digital processes and communication, covered 

Lequinox platform integrates trust services that bring legal assurance to digital transactions, helping organisations securely digitalise their business and customer-facing processes across all channels. Applications and web services are empowered with advanced e-signatures under a unique role-based identity management system, making every transaction policy-driven, encrypted end-to-end and fully traceable through an archiving service. Whether an e-signing process, application or a service portal, Lequinox is easily integrated through REST API, letting you achieve total compliance and security with digital transactions.

Secure communication
with authenticated parties

Your confidential data is only shared with authenticated users and devices. The data exchanged is e-signed (with a role), sealed, time stamped, encrypted and stored, all in compliance with eIDAS & GDPR requirements.

Compliance "by default"
and traceability

All your business and regulatory requirements are integrated to secure compliance by default. Transactions generate a receipt available to all participants, which can be used for audit purposes .


Global connectivity & legal interoperability

With policy validation at the core of Lequinox transactions, organisations in different environments can interact in one single application, in compliance with applicable requirements and when under different legislations.

Platform Overview

Switch on security and compliance

Ben's journey to digital transformation 

Here's how Ben uses Lequinox trust service platform to digitalise processes and automate compliance, enabling digital transactions with accountability, responsibility and traceability.

Role-based identification for private or professional interactions

Unlike a regular e-ID, the Meaplus ID lets the user act in different roles (both private and professional) and represent an organisation / person with a digital power of attorney.


How to get started using Lequinox platform

Empower your applications and services in 5 simple steps. 


Lequinox in Action: Construction and engineering

Trace AB specilalises in digital solutions for construction sites' communication and reporting processes. DigiSign Diary application connects stakeholders in real time, facilitates project monitoring and streamlines processes such as sites' daily journal capture. With buildt in Lequinox Process Engine (LPE) functionalities, Digisign Diary allows capturing, signing and sharing site's information with total security, regulatory compliance and full project traceability. 

Lequinox solutions

Solutions for secure and compliant e-signing processes

Lequinox platform solutions empower enterprises in numerous sectors. We focus on the added value of cloud-based technologies, while automating policy compliance and data security.


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Malmö, Sweden.