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The Lequinox role-based identity management tool enables simpler communication and complete compliance with current standards and legislation.


Building futures - Construction

Trace solutions support the digitalisation of engineering and construction sites. Digisign Diary is a smart application developed by Trace to facilitate data capture, reporting and communication processes, while ensuring proccess integrity, compliance, and full tracebility. It reduces data capture time by 60%, facilitates connectivity among stakeholders and provides real-time project visibility.


Healthy communication -Healthcare 

Lequinox role-based secure communication makes patient / staff access management compliant with legislative requirements, regardless of whether they have come from different hospitals, regions or countries.


Guarding security - Government 

Lequinox single sign-on solution for e-government applications provides a completely secure interchange of information.”


Protecting identity - Finance

The Lequinox solution can be applied to existing applications, and integrated to provide support for the KYC (Know Your Customer) and other processes requiring secure authentication of individuals / proof of how the authentication was made.

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Lequinox Process Engine

Lequinox Applications

Lequinox Process Engine lets you set up tailored e-signing processes for eletronic documents, files and forms of any type.


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